Monday, March 10, 2008

I found it!!!

So I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the USB cable for my camera, I had decided it was lost, never to be seen again. In fact, I had even gone to Best Buy to get a new one and they said I had to get it from the manufacturer. Well, tonight I was looking for this "thank you" stamp I had to make thank you notes with, and mixed in with all of my thank you note stuff was my USB cable. How it got there I'm not exactly sure, but nevertheless I'm thrilled and so now I can share some pictures with you that have been trapped in my camera this whole time!

We got this good news November 27, 2007!!

16 weeks---First belly shot

Brittany's wedding--I was the knocked up maid of honor!!

These are just some random pictures of Sadie over the last couple of months. We took her to Cedar City for Brittany's wedding and there was a TON of snow. We weren't sure how she would react, I mean after all she is a So Cal girl... But she LOVED it! She jumped through it like a little rabbit! And these gorgeous purple flowers are growing outside of our condo. We were all outside one Sunday and she was playing in them and I thought it was such a perfect springtime photo-op!

This is the most recent belly picture. It was done at 18 1/2 weeks. I have always heard women say "Oh, I loved being pregnant," and I always wondered how that could be, but now I know. Never before have I actually looked forward to my belly getting bigger and showing it off!!

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Jason & Tawni said...

Oh thank you for finding your USB cable! It was so nice to finally see some belly shots! We are thrilled that you are having a boy and I am so excited to see the belly get bigger and bigger. Enjoy your pregnancy, it is so much fun. Your belly is too cute!