Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello my fellow bloggers

Alright, I am well aware that it has been over a month since my last post and I apologize. I just kept thinking I would go get my camera cable out of storage so I could post some the pictures I've been taking of our adventures now that we are back in Utah. I finally went the other day and the box it is in is so buried there is no getting it out. The good news is, my parents are giving us a new camera for Christmas so in 20 days I will be able to post pictures again.

Here's a quick rundown of the major events that have happened since my last post.
Halloween was fun. Hudson was the most adorable monkey I've ever seen. He and I got together with Tawni and Stella, and Kami and Jax for lunch at 25 Main, then went to the bank to show off the kids. Later that night Judy and Ashlee watched Hudson while Nate and I went with my parents, Cami and Shelby, and Lori and Karl to Olive Garden then to Thriller at Tuachan.
On November 2nd we went to Jax's baby blessing and luncheon after church. Jax was of course adorable in his little white outfit. Kami and her mom really did a great job on the luncheon, we had a good time visiting with friends and eating yummy soups!

Election Day we went to Cedar City to celebrate my Grandpa's 85th birthday at the Pizza Factory with Brittany and Chad, Doug and Tammy, Bryce, my parents, and of course Grandma and Grandpa. It was good to catch up with everyone. Afterwards Nate, Hudson, and I went to Chad and Brittany's for a delightful dinner. Brittany is quite the little homemaker. Her house is super cute, and her cooking is amazing! Then we sat at their house and chatted and watched the results from the elections come in.

Then it was Hudson's turn to be blessed, and I may ramble here a little! He looked like a beautiful little angel in his white tux. I was a little apprehensive that he would start screaming as soon as the blessing started, but he was perfect, he just stared at the lights and cooed. My Grandpa gave the blessing and he did a wonderful job. I know that Hudson will not remember the words, but I will, and I think the blessing was for me as much as it was Hudson. He blessed him to know his Savior and to always pray, and I realized at that moment that right now it is up to me to introduce him to the teachings of Christ. I just hope that I can stand up to the challenge. I haven't been much of a church goer in the last 10 years or so, but now I don't only have my own relationship with God to work on, I've got to help my boy too. It was a great day. After church we had a little luncheon at Dave and Judy's. I really appreciated all of my extended family for coming. It was great to have almost everyone together again, and for them to all meet Hudson, and the Houstons. Grandpa and Grandma Houston came, and of course she brought some delicious food. I don't think I've been anywhere that she is that there hasn't been an abundance of good food to eat!
Next we headed to Palm Springs for the Houston Family Reunion. I had never been to Palm Springs. It was gorgeous. It was November 16th and it was 90 degrees! We spent a lot of time in the pool, Hudson went swimming and loved it. Nate of course found a skate park that was "so sick" and ditched part of the reunion to skate.

Sadie stayed at my parents' house while we were in Palm Springs so we got to go to Cannonville when we dropped her off, and again when we picked her up. I love going there. Growing up I hated living there, but now I love to go back and visit.

On the 22nd we went to Cedar City again. This time it was for SUU Football. Chad plays defense for them and it was the last home game of the season so Brittany got us tickets and we went. We all had a good time. It was really really cold though. I told Nate he should go there for school, but I don't know if either of us could deal with that weather!!
For Thanksgiving we went to Beaver Dam, and it was a feast like I've never seen! We had to hold it at the church because there were so many people they wouldn't all fit in Grandma and Grandpa Houston's house. It really looked like a ward party, not a family get together. There were 45-50 people and so much food it wouldn't all fit on the plate. We of course gorged ourselves, and later that night Nate was stricken with the stomach flu. I don't know if he'll be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner again anytime soon.

Judy, my mom, and I braved the crowds Friday morning and went shopping. We all got some pretty great deals, and it was a fun time.

Hudson went to his first movies the week of Thanksgiving. First we went to "Four Christmases" and he sat and watched it and didn't make a sound. Later that week we went to "Twilight." He slept through most of that, but did wake up right in time for the big fight scene between Edward and James. He watched it and it was like he knew that it was intense, because his eyes kept getting HUGE, he would watch the screen for a minute then look at me with his big eyes. It was adorable.

On Saturday we went "Christmas Tree Hunting" with the Munfords, the Meinkeys, and my the Ivies. There was about 2 feet of snow and it was cooooold! Cami and Lori stayed in the car with Hudson and I and we stayed warm, but everyone else was basically frozen by the time they had cut down all of the trees. It was fun as always though, regardless of the cold.
And that brings us pretty much up to date. I promise to be a better blogger, even without pictures!

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