Saturday, January 3, 2009

The day after Christmas we went to Cedar City to see Marley and Me. Right before the movie started Nate was holding Hudson. Nate said, "He just sharted, I'm going to go change his diaper before the movie starts." 10 or 15 minutes went by and they hadn't come back so I texted Nate to make sure everything was ok. Just then they came back in and Hudson was naked except for this beanie, socks, and a diaper. Apparently there was a massive explosion... So when we got home I had to take some pictures of him in the beanie.

Hudson has discovered faces. He loves to pull on hair, ears, lips, noses, and glasses. He also loves the way Sadie feels, he is constantly reaching for her, trying to pull her hair, and just get her attention so she'll lick his fingers.

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lauren said...

oh nate is sooo funny, and hudson is to dang cute