Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warning: Hudson Overdose Possible

I have been the worst blogger lately!! I don't know what my deal is, I guess I didn't think I had been taking many pictures, but I really had about a billion to sort through since my last good post. So here goes a super long, picture filled post.

Hudson loves spending time with his grandmas. For some reason I don't have pictures of him with his Grammy (Judy), probably because we live here. But, we do have lots of him hanging out with Grandma Ivie.

Parade of HomesWhat ever is on TV is obviously very riveting!Hanging out at Cami's baby showerUsually the Grandma is holding the sleeping baby, not the baby holding the sleeping Grandma!

Hudson also loves getting together with our extended family. We had a great time at Cami's baby shower.He got to hang out with all of his "Aunties" (since I don't have sisters I've made my best cousins his honorary Aunties!)We hardly ever get to see Auntie Tani, but Hudson always remembers her and LOVES her. I think her big earrings and long hair are his favorites.Ross is so cute with kids!Uncle Krazy got him to FINALLY give in and go to sleep

My baby boy is growing up so so fast. He has graduated from his Bumbo to his high chair. This was the first day in it. He thinks he is so big, trying to feed himself!!

Tawni, Kami, and I have decided to meet every Friday for a playdate at the park. The weather has been so amazing, we just can't pass it up. We missed Kami and Jax, who were in Vegas celebrating Adam's birthday.Ready to rock!Amazed by somethingJust chillin' on the playground.Hudson is pulling Stella's hair, apparently he is into her!The kids loved the swings!

It was a day of FIRSTS...Stella's first time on the slide. She LOVED it, look at that darling smile!
Hudson's first time in a swing, he LOVED it, but he's WAAAAY too cool to smile right now!
There is just something about a sleeping baby that I find irresistible. I love the random ways Hudson falls alseep. I swear his neck must hurt after falling asleep like this for a couple of hours!Car rides always seem to do the trick
Lately he has started hiding his eyes when he sleeps, I think it is the cutest thing ever! He also rolls over to sleep on his tummy, which is weird because he hates his tummy time when he's playing.

Back when I started this blog I devoted lots of posts to Sadie, now I never blog about her unless I'm mad about her barking and waking up the baby. But this was just too funny not to share. She loves to dig and bury herself in the warm clothes when they get out of the dryer. One day she was digging like she always does, and I didn't pay much attention, but when I looked at her a few minutes later after she had jumped out of the pile of clothes this is what I found...

Somehow she had managed to get into the waist and one leg of some of my unmentionables. I laughed until my abs hurt!


lauren said...

hudson is so darling i cant believe how big he is getting!!! im so excited for summer to take maddie swimming im sure hudson will love that at grandma judy's

jdubbs said...

He is a doll! Who do you think that he looks like? I think that Grandma Arjean likes him a little bit.

Jason and Tawni said...

Cute post, it was a long time to wait for it but it was worth it. I love these pictures of Hudson sleeping and covering his eyes. Hilarious and very worth mentioning. Love the park playdates but it's going to suck when we have to start meeting at 9am because it will be so freaking hot at 11am. Boo hoo!