Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 10 Months!!

Hudson is 10 months old today. This last month has flown and he has learned so much! I love watching him grow and develop his little cute personality. He has some "tricks" that mostly only I have seen, when I try to get him to perform for other people he just freezes!

Here are some fun, and not so fun things he's up to these days...

  • Waving
  • Pointing
  • Thinking he is a puppy (eating dog food, playing with dog toys...)
  • Standing without holding on to anything (20 seconds is the longest so far)
  • Being extremely strong-willed (stubborn)
  • Drinking through a fact he hates sippy cups, but loves straws
  • Playing the piano, and he doesn't just pound on one set of keys, he moves up and down the keyboard, maybe we've got a little musician in the making
  • Opening cupboards and being frusterated that we've locked some so he can't get into them
  • Sings "She Loves You," by the Beatles...Ok I sing the "she loves you" part but he follows up with the "yeah, yeah, yeah" part
  • Loving everyone, not just mommy anymore
  • Helping Grammy water the flowers and playing with the garden hose.
  • Tormenting Sadie and Audry
  • Watching NickJr. cartoons like Dora and Diego, and Wonder Pets
  • Climbing stairs
  • Working on his first words...I'm pretty sure we've heard some form of "Sadie" "hot" and "light"
  • Being tough and fearless and crazy, just like daddy
  • Not sleeping through the night
  • Working on new teeth

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

His first bath in the big bathtub, at first he hated it, but by the end he didn't want to get out!

Getting ready for his big performance... What a poser!

Look at the concentration

Happy little family on our 2nd wedding anniversary

Here we are at the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

Hanging out with Great Grandma T. telling some sort of story to her I'm sure!
Happy 10 month birthday little man. I can't believe in just 60 days we'll be celebrating your first birthday. You are such a joy to have around. There is no way the last 10 months could've been any better. Watching you grow and learn is so much fun. I love hanging out with you everyday, and even the few hours I leave you to go to school I miss you like crazy! You are such a funny boy, you really love attention from everyone and pull the silliest faces when you get it. I never knew being a mom would be so much fun, but with a little monkey like you it's a blast!


lauren said...

oh he is so cute and doesnt it seem like everyday they learn something new. they are so smart!

Mitch and Linda... said...

I can't believe how fast he is growing up...wait till you have goes even faster! I can't beleive you can watch the Wonder Pets! that's where I had to draw the line with my girls!

Cher said...

I actually think Wonder Pets is pretty cute, I can't stand SpongeBob, he creeps me out! So I don't let him watch that!

Jason and Tawni said...

Happy 10 months Hudson! That is crazy that he is getting to be so grown up, hello, didn't you just have him? Fun list too, you will be so grateful that you have that. I can't remember anything from last week so it's a good thing we can check back on our blogs for what was happening huh?

Chris and KayDee said...

Time goes to fast! What a good boy sitting for his hair cut!! He is so cute! Congrats on teh two years!