Thursday, July 9, 2009

The last post of it's kind....sorta

Hudson is 11 months old...He is all but walking, in fact on July 7th, one day before hitting his 11 month mark he took 5 steps on his own. He's still not too sure of himself and finds it easier just to crawl where he needs to go, but he really goes when someone has a hold of his hands. I give it a couple more weeks before we've got a full-on toddler on our hands! He is such a friendly baby. He loves new people and the attention he gets from anybody is a welcomed distraction for him. His lack of shyness toward strangers does worry me a little, but he never lets me get too far out of his sight.

We are so lucky to have such a happy and content little guy. We drag him all over the place, and he spends lots of time in the car. My mom calls him a gypsy baby because he's always on the go. In spite of all of the traveling he never gets too cranky and is just always happy to get out and stretch and stretch.
Some fun litte facts...
He can tell you "what the monkey says"
He can tell you "how the car goes"
(he sometimes gets these two mixed up)
He can stand on his own as long as he wants, and can even drink a bottle or sippy while standing
He is extremely ticklish all of the sudden. He giggles the whole time he's getting his diaper changed because apparently his inner-thigh is a major tickle spot!
He loves fireworks
He loves lots of fruits; apples, peaches, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and grapes--Just like his daddy
He loves treats; ice cream, popsicles, animal crackers, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate-- Just like his mommy
He still loves Baby Einstein videos and his swing
He loves brushing his teeth
He's very independent. He likes to feed himself, and if someone else gets food into his mouth he will spit it out and put it back in himself
He has recently developed a fear of the vacuum when it is running, but he's fascinated by it when it's off
He's still a mama's boy most of the time
He loves playing with other kids, but gets a little aggressive with grabbing sometimes
He is full of mischief
He is fearless
He still doesn't sleep through the night (ok, not a fun fact, but I'll be overjoyed the day I post that he is consistantly sleeping at night)
Our lives have changed drastically from a year ago. I don't remember what I did with my time before Hudson came along, yet it seems like just yesterday that I was anxiously waiting for him to arrive. There is nothing more precious to me than to hold him when he's sleeping, or to hear him laugh when I chase him. On the flip side of that, nothing breaks my heart more than to hear him cry when he is hurt (which is quite often these days) or sick. My days are better because of him. As I put him to bed tonight I realized there is nothing I would rather be doing on the eve of my 29th birthday than being Hudson's mommy. Love you little monkey

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Janice Twitchell said...

He's really that old?! Holy cow! I swear you were pregnant with him yesterday! He is so adorable and I'm just in love with those baby blues!