Saturday, November 14, 2009

Polls are open! Cast your vote

Amy suggested I take votes on names for our baby girl, so I've added a poll at the top of the page. Vote for your favorite name! As you can see, her middle name has already been decided, it will be Jai ("J" for our mom's Jean and Judy). As I previously mentioned, these are the names we've (sort of) agreed on so far, the list may change over the course of the next 5 months!


Nat said...

Cher congrats on having a little girl. Your little Hudson is so cute and I am sure your little girl is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

Wayne & Amy MacIntosh said...

I voted for Zoey, I think it's sooo cute and for a different reason as a kindergarten teacher we always need someone with a z in their name.

amy said...

k since my middle name is Jayne, I am pretending that you are naming her after me too! I love Adyson just because it goes so good with Hudson. But they are all cute. My 2nd choice is Zoey!