Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 Months Old

My little drama queen is 3 months old now. I don't know where the time went.

Seems like just yesterday when I snuck a home pregnancy test out of the bathroom and into our bedroom at Dave and Judy's and waited for Nate to come to bed so I could share the news.

Neither one of us were prepared for another child, and it came as quite a surprise to both of us. But, the way I see it she was meant to be here. I was on the pill, and still nursing Hudson. Not to mention we were living with the in-laws which does not lend itself to making if you will. But yet on that fateful Monday, August 3rd, just 5 days before my baby's first birthday, there I was holding a little white stick with two pink lines...I couldn't have been more than 4 weeks pregnant as my due date was determined to be April 13.

Nothing has been the same since then. We were able to find a place of our own and moved in August 11. After 17 weeks of morning sickness, and many more weeks of crazy pregnant girl, we welcomed Zoe to our family 2 1/2 weeks early on March 27, 2010.

She is a beautiful girl. She looks so much like her brother, just more petite. She's tall and skinny, and doesn't have much hair. I'm grateful that she is staying small, almost like a newborn since Nate seems to think she is our last.

Here are some things I love about her...

She has slept through the night since she was 3 weeks old
She loves to cuddle
She loves to be swaddled and will sleep for hours as long as she doesn't kick out of that swaddle
She takes a binky, and it isn't the hospital one!!
She switches from the breast to the bottle and back again with no problem
She smiles a lot in the mornings and right after her naps
She smiles best for me and Hudson
She loves attention...Hey what girl doesn't!?
She loves to eat
She already enjoys being outside, and she especially likes when she can see the sun shine through the leaves on trees.

A few things that I've noticed are different between her and Hudson...

She does not love the car seat, or rides in the car. Hudson still falls asleep easily in the car
She is a much better sleeper at night, but Hudson took better naps, which I suppose makes sense
She loves a bath in her bath tub only, Hudson was content in the sink or tub, anywhere as long as it was water
She is taller than he was at her age, he was chunkier and a little stronger

A few things that I've noticed are similar in her and Hudson...

They both have a faint dimple in their right cheek
They love/loved Baby Einstein
They love being outside
They love each other

At Zoe's 2 month check up she weighed 11 lbs. 6 oz. and was 23.5 inches tall. She's doing great. I love her to death. She's a little high maintenance, and man can she scream when she is upset. But she's my angel girl and I am so glad she came to our family! Can't imagine it without her now!!


Braden and Jodee said...

She is beautiful! What a good day to be born! (my birthday :)

lauren said...

thanks for the announcement it was adorable! she is so sweet, glad all is going well with you guys!!!