Saturday, August 14, 2010

2-year and 4-month stats

I took Hudson AND Zoe in for their well child checks on Monday, and that is the LAST time I ever schedule them together unless I have some backup. It is hard enough to watch one kid get poked and prodded, let alone both of them. Add that to the sad news of Grandpa H.'s passing I received in the waiting area at the pediatrician's office it equaled a pretty crappy day.

Hudson's 2-year stats...

He is 33.45 inches tall and weighs 26.37 lbs. He is a little guy, and pretty soon his little sister is going to catch up! He is in the 26th percentile for height and 29th for weight.

Hudson is a talker! I am not kidding when I say he talks in his sleep. He just never stops. He tries to say everything he hears which is cute most of the time but it sure makes us have to watch what we say, and what is on tv when he is around.

He loves his sister and is always kissing some part of her...toes, fingers, head, cheek, belly...He has only had a couple of real "jealous" moments since we brought her home. For the most part he adores her. He calls her a dama keen (drama queen) when she cries, but he also tries to console her and tell her it will be ok. He is a very good big brother.

He is learning his ABCs, he gets to G then skips to W...The middle doesn't really matter does it?!?! He can also count to 8. He loves to sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" and "Twinkle, Twinkle." When we sing "Old Macdonald" the only animal he likes Macdonald to have is a dog. It's pretty funny.

Hudson makes friends easily and he is pretty laid back. The terrible twos have set in and he does have an opinion about a lot of things. He is starting to care about what clothes he wears, what books we read, what songs we sing, etc.

He is still a picky eater. He likes sweet stuff, fruit, pancakes or french toast with syrup, juice, chocolate milk, and of course all sorts of candy. He also likes black beans, which is random.

He loves to go for a ride in the car, so we do that almost everyday, even if it is just to get Mommy a Dr. Pepper.

He's active and if he is awake he is busy running and playing. I don't know where he gets his energy, but I wish I had half of what he's got.

He has become a GREAT sleeper (finally, it took long enough)!! He sleeps 10-12 hours at night then naps for 2-3 hours every afternoon.

He is learning to clean up so well. He is pretty good at organizing things. He likes to keep the doors shut, and if they are ajar he will close them tight.

Hudson is a joy to have around. As much as the twos are terrible, they are also terrific. He constantly tells us he loves us, and that alone makes all the naughty easier to put up with. I love my little man, and cannot believe he's 2!! I look forward to all of the learning and growing that is bound to take place in the next year. It will certainly be an adventure!

Zoe's 4-month stats...

She is 25.39 inches tall and weighs 13.23 lbs. Tall and skinny just like her daddy. She is in the 80th percentile for her height and the 30th percentile for her weight.

Zoe is such a fun baby. She is full of smiles, an once in a while we can work a giggle out of her. I love this age of so much discovery. She has found her hands, and toes. She has started to try to grab things with her hands and put them in her mouth. A couple of times she has succeeded with putting her binky in, or holding her bottle in place. It is so much fun to watch.

Some of her favorite things are watching the ceiling fans go around and around, laying under the tree and watching the leaves blow, shiny things like soda cans and cell phones, getting attention (of course, she's a girl!!), snuggling, and eating.

She still doesn't love car rides, but she has mellowed out in the car a lot. Unless she is hungry we don't hear much from her in the car.

Zoe doesn't give us much warning when she's getting upset. One minute she is all smiles, and with the blink of an eye she is in a full cry. Today I was making brownies, she was sitting in her Bumbo watching me, smiling and cooing so I grabbed my phone for a quick picture. I had no sooner taken the shot, sat down the phone and turned my back and she was in full hysterics. It is the craziest thing!

Zoe is a bit of a mama's girl, but she is happy with most anyone as long as they are holding her and talking to her. In moments of real distress though it's mommy she wants.

She is rolling from her back to her front, and she's ok on her tummy for a few minutes, but when she's done she hasn't figured out how to get back to her back and it makes her really mad. She scoots like crazy, she'll be facing one direction and in a minute or two she's scooted half way around and is facing the opposite direction.

She loves her rice cereal. I can't seem to feed her fast enough, I just get the spoon out of her mouth and she is crying for the next bite. Not a patient one, our miss Zoe!!

She has been, and continues to be a great night sleeper. There have only been a handful of nights that we have been up more than once or twice with her. She is now fully sleeping through the night, from 10-7, then she wakes up and eats and goes back to bed until about 10. Naps are a little more challenging. She fights her sleep at naptime and I think she must be like her mommy and like it really dark to sleep because she has a much harder time sleeping during the day. She used to love to be swaddled to sleep, but in the last 3 days has grown tired of swaddling, but she still loves to clutch her blankie.

What more can I say about my little girl. She is such a blessing to our home. She already has a sparkle about her. I love to see her personality emerging as she grows. The time is passing by so quickly, but I am loving each and every day I get to spend with her.

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Chad and Brittany said...

Cute kids. Hudson is hilarious and Zoe is adorable. Also I totally know how you feel about getting them poked at the same time. It's horrible. I seriously hate when they have to get shots.