Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Terrible or Teriffic...Hudson is 2!!

It is official...Hudson has reached the "terrible 2s!" How did that happen so fast?? I swear it was just weeks ago that I had him, but now he's a toddler.

We celebrated his birthday a day early on Saturday, the 7th at Dave and Judy's house so we could make good use of their nice backyard and pool. Cars was the theme of the day since Hudson has been OBSESSED with Lightening McQueen and the whole crew for about 6 months. The kids had a great time swimming around with each other while they waited for Nate to get the hot dogs and burgers cooked.

They also painted little wooden cars at "Ramone's House of Body Art," had a pinata, and played a "Tow Mater" towing game while they waited. I hope they enjoyed themselves. It's a little challenge to find activities to entertain a wide age range, as well as boys AND girls.

After lunch Hudson opened his gifts. He is a very lucky boy to have so many friends to give him so many fun gifts. He got a good mix of things, which he has loved playing with!

Then it was cake time! I had a heck of a time finding a Lightening McQueen cake that I loved but there was this really sweet lady at Baskin Robbins who helped me until I found one I was very happy with!! I'm pretty sure Hudson made much more of a mess with his cake this year than he did on his 1st birthday, but that's fine.

I think it was a pretty big success with the birthday boy, and I hope all of the other kids enjoyed themselves.

Here are a few pictures of the party: