Sunday, March 6, 2011

The last month of infancy...

My baby girl has been 11 months for a week now and I feel the need to document what she's up to since this will be the last time she is an infant...sniffle sniffle...

After a rough start of months plagued with acid reflux and colic, Zoe has grown into the happiest baby I have ever seen. She almost NEVER cries. She screams a lot, just for fun, or if someone is eating and she is not, but she rarely cries.

She loves to eat and is good at feeding herself
She has 8 teeth
She has taken her first steps and is getting braver everyday with taking more
She is still a good sleeper, taking 2 naps and sleeping an average of 11 hours at night
She is a snuggler, something I hope she never grows out of
She loves playing under the kitchen table and pushing the chairs across the floor but gets very frustrated when she gets stuck and can't go anymore
She has recently discovered the fun of unrolling the toilet paper and playing in the toilet...GROSS
She picks her nose, her finger just fits in there so nicely!
Still loves her binky and bottle
She sings (do do, do do) and actually has a tune she cute
She dances anytime she hears music
She gives hugs
She gives high five
She waves
She blows kisses
She makes kissy sounds and says mmmmuah
She will "tickle" her own tummy if you say tickle tickle
She loves playing with Hudson, and follows him all over the house
She gets her feelings hurt easily, and has a big cute pouty lip she pulls out when she feels bad
She gets very excited when her daddy comes home
She hates being left alone in a room, or walked passed without being picked up
She is experiencing stranger danger and will cry if someone she doesn't know holds her, or even tries to hold her

Zoe is such a fun baby. I really love the age she is at right now and I'm sad that she is growing up so fast. She has added so much to our little family and I can honestly say she is the best surprise I have ever had!


Anonymous said...

muito bom excelente!

Josh*Burbank said...

I have a 6 moth old. They grow up so fast dont they. Cute family :)

Lynn said...

I've a 6 week old, amazing how you can love them more than anything! Your lil one sounds so adorable and made me so excited to have a preview of what my lil guy might be doing in the near future !!

Jessica said...

My kids at 4 and 2. They are just so much fun. I loved reading your list it's takes me back.

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