Friday, January 25, 2008

Chick Flicks & Nate

So I really do have the best husband ever! The last 3 movies we have gone to see have been total chick flicks. I guess Juno has a little something for everyone, and he actually liked that one. Most recently we went to 27 Dresses, and that doesn't have ONE bit of anything a guy would be interested in at all. But, he went, sat through the whole thing, and never complained once. He is so great! And for all of you girls, all three of these movies are really good, and definitely worth the time, so get your girlfriends together and go see one of them!


Ashlee said...

Cher- So long story, but I was checking out Trish and Garretts blog and leaving a message and noticed your message to Trish and saw Barts name written in it, so I called him into the office to check things out. (this is Ashlee, Bart's wife) Bart was very curious as to who knew him in high school, so how funny!!! I think we put the puzzle together. Nate, your husband, is Trisha's cousin, right?? What a small world. What is your maiden name? Are you from Tropic? Bart totally recognizes you but needs a little help. (He's getting old)

Ashlee said...

Hey! Thanks for your message. Bart say's you worked together in St. George at Zions Bank, too. Well, Congrats on your baby! How exciting. Life will never be the same- just better and much much busier!