Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby-sized stuff is ALWAYS cutest!

This weekend was Harbor Days in Oceanside. They have all of these great booths with things you can only find in a fair-type event. The theme of it is always something to do with pirates so I decided that Hudson should fit in. So he wore his skull shorts and we brought along his skull blanket, although it was so hot that I felt bad for even having him in a long sleeved shirt!

I did find one really cool thing at the fair, it's called a "Finders Key-purse" clever right? It is designed to keep women from losing their keys in the bottom of their purses, which is one of my BIGGEST issues. It's just a keychain with a little metal hook and a cute decoration and you hook it onto the edge of your purse, your keys dangle inside... Nate thinks I won't use it, but I think it just might work for me!

I bought him these sunglasses and even though they are WAAAAY too big I thought they looked absolutely adorable on him!Why are baby shoes so cute??? I mean these come in adult sizes too, but they are sooo much better in baby sizes!



I'm obsessed with the sunglasses picture! He is a little STUD!!!

Chad&Brittany said...

He is so freakin adorable. I'm glad you finally updated your blog. Its been long enough. Geez louise!!!! Could you please move here soon! Miss your face!!!!

Emily said...

oh my goodness cher he IS SO ADORABLE!