Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bathtime Fun!

Hudson's favorite time of day is bathtime, which makes it my favorite part of the day too because he is so happy and smiley in the tub. I took these pictures last night, and they were just too cute not to post!
7 things I can do:
1. Bake
2. Go for walks on the beach daily
3. Type/text fast
4. Remember most of the words to a song after hearing it only a couple of times
5. Make myself cry--ok not cry but get teary-eyed
6. Spend money
7. A good, tight swaddle

7 things I cannot do:
1. Change a diaper without using at least 2 wipees
2. Live without my phone
3. Help but take tons of pictures of Hudson every day
4. Think about going back to work and putting Hudson in daycare
5. Wait to move to back Utah
6. Be creative and crafty
7. Stop eating ice cream
7 things that attracted me to Nate
1. His eyes
2. He makes me laugh
3. He's a GREAT kisser
4. He's hot
5. He's sexy
6. He is really mellow--which also makes me crazy sometimes
7. His hands
7 things i say most often
1. Sadie, don't lick the baby
2. Sadie, stop barking
3. NO Sadie
4. I love you
5. Hey, little man
6. I'm sleepy
7. When we move to Utah....
7 Celebrity admirations --except I only have 4
1. Dane Cook- he's funny and sexy
2. Ryan Gossling- Uh, the Notebook... Need I say more?
3. Jessica Alba- Have you seen her body 4 months after having her baby??
4. Matthew McConaughey- He's just hot

7 Favorite Foods
1. Pork Salad from Cafe Rio
2. Oreo Concrete from Neilsen's Frozen Custard
3. Chips & salsa
4. Reese's peanut butter cup shakes
5. Chicken Cordon Bleu
6. Cheeseburgers
7. Mexican food in general

7 People to tag
1. Brittany
2. Cami
3. Tawni
4. Emily
5. Lisa
6. Lisa
7. Lindsey

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Chad&Brittany said...

He is such a happy baby! I love all of the robes on the back of the door and the one where he just got out of the bath. I want to snuggle up with him. He's so freakin cute!!!!!