Monday, October 6, 2008

Broken Internet and Dead Batteries

I am so glad to be back online! Our internet went down on Thursday so I called and they said we were having an outage in our area. Well by Friday afternoon it still wasn't fixed so I called back. Oh, there was no outage in our area, it was just MY internet connection so a technician had to come out and repair it.

On Saturday Nate's company had their "summer" employee party and I grabbed the camera to take pictures, turned it on and discovered the batteries were dead so I got no pictures of the party. Not my best weekend for updating my blog!

Here are some pictures from Friday. We went to the beach again and this time I remembered Lisa gave Hudson some flip flops so he got to wear those... adorable. While we were getting ready he was pulling some funny faces, he makes me laugh everyday with the faces he makes!I can't get enough of these sunglasses. Everytime he wears them I probably take 10 pictures.

Hudson and Daddy after breakfast this morning. Love them!

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Chad&Brittany said...

So cute Cherlynn! I love the flip flops! They look like the fit him really well:)