Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Day Without Clothes

What is with the weather these days? Yesterday it was rainy and cold, and today we were frying! We don't have air conditioning in our house so the only way to keep cool is with fans and by wearing a limited amount of clothing. So Hudson was a naked baby all day, but since he is the spit-up king I put this lion bib on him, how cute is that!?!?! I find him irresistible and I sit around all day taking random pictures.

Sadie makes him smile
He's not sleeping here, just pulling a silly face
My blue-eyed boy
Look at those perfect lips!
I needed to clean the kitchen so I gave him a bath and put him in his swing, next thing I knew he was sleeping peacefully


Chad&Brittany said...

He is so irresistable. I bet it is so hard to do anything but sit and watch him all day. Sorry I didn't call you back. I had to go visiting teaching and then we ran down to the temple. It was a very busy night!

amy said...

so the blue eyed boy pic looks exactly like his daddy to me. holy cow. he is beautiful Cher and he is growing so fast.