Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bouncing Baby Boy

Here are my pictures for the day. Obviously Hudson spends lots of time in his bouncy chair. It really is probably the best purchase we've made. If it weren't for the bouncy chair I wouldn't be able to get anything done, because if I'm not holding him he's mad unless he's bouncing!

2 things Hudson loves most: Being swaddled and his bouncy chair. What is a mommy to do? I know it makes him look like he's in a straight jacket, he likes it that way!

I love the cute things he does with his hands while he's asleep, just another thing that is just like his dad!
I was always told we only get one great love in our lives... I'm lucky. I got three!


Chad&Brittany said...

Oh so cute! I want to see him in real life again. When are you moving here? Oh and I love your Halloween page. It's so spooky:) Do you scream every time you look at it? I bet you do.

lauren said...

oh he is so cute, madison doesnt like to swaddle any more i tried it again last night and she freaked out, she loves her hands free... nate looks great as a dad!