Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Tag

1.Where were you when you first found out that you were pregnant? At work

2.Who was with you? All of my coworkers

3.How did you find out that you were pregnant? Home pregnancy test

4.What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? Shocked at first, then just unbelieveably happy

5.Who was the first person you told? My boss Karen, weird I know, but somehow she already knew

6.Did you plan to get pregnant? Not exactly planning on it, but we weren't trying not to either.

7.Did you tell everyone else right away? I called Nate immediately, then my mom.

8.Was everybody happy for you? Of course, my mom had been waiting for YEARS for a grandchild!

9.Did you go out and celebrate? We went out to dinner on the weekend.

10.Did you want to find out the sex? Are you kidding!! I peek at my Christmas presents, like I could wait 9 months to find out if I was having a boy or girl!!

11.What was the sex? A boy!!

12.Did anyone throw you a baby shower? My coworkers threw one for me in California, then the "Aunties" threw me a family one in Utah

13.Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew that you wouldnt put on your baby? Yeah from one of my bank clients, this really gay looking overall set with teddy bears all over it. I just returned it and got something I liked.

14.How much weight did you gain? 40bs.

15.Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? Not yet, but I'm working on it.

16.Did you get any stretch marks? None!!

17.What did you crave the most? Oreos and Ice cream

18.Did you crave anything crazy? Grilled Hot Dogs... Which is crazy for me because I HATE HATE HATE hot dogs.

19.Who or what got on your nerves? Near the end when I was still working people would come in EVERYDAY and say "You still haven't had that baby??"

20.Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? None at all, not even morning sickness.

21.Where and when did you go into labor? At about noon in the hospital.

22.Did your water break? My doctor broke it.

23.Who drove you to the hospital? Nate

24.Who was in the room when you gave birth? Nate, the on call doctor, and 4 nurses. My mom and grandma were in the hospital, but things got a little tense and they left the room a couple of hours before he was born.

25.Did you go early or late? 10 days late...Longest 10 days of my life!

26.How long were in labor for? 12 hours and 40 minutes

27.Did you have any drugs for the pain? Epidural for me please!!! I felt 2 strong contractions and that was enough for me.

28.Did you go natural or have a C-section? Natural.

29.What was your first reaction after giving birth? I was in awe. And so immediately in love with this little person.

30.How big was the baby? 8 lbs. 4 oz. 19 1/2 inches

31.Did your husband cry? He got teary, but no tears fell.

32.What did you name the baby? Hudson Nathan Houston

33.Does her name have any significant meaning? Not really. Nathan after his dad of course. We hadn't agreed on a name, I had always loved Hudson, but Nate wasn't convinced. When the anesthesiologist came in to do the epidural he had a set of keys on his belt and on the top key it said Hudson, so that sealed the deal, Nate was finally convinced his name was supposed to be Hudson!

34.Did you have any visitors? Yes, my mom and Grandma, then my boss Karen and her husband Mike, and my coworkers Rebecca and Kori, and Kori's daughter Kloe.

35.Did the baby have any complications? After about 10 1/2 hours of labor his heartbeat slowed way down and the doctor started talking about an emergency c-section. But they turned off the pitocin and epidural drips and put a monitor on his head and his heart started beating normally again. It was only tense for a little bit.

36.How old is your baby today? 1 day shy of 17 weeks, 4 days shy of 4 months. Where does the time go??

37.When is the next one coming? Hudson's birthday is 08/08/08 so we are thinking 11/11/11 for the next one!!

38.If you could would you do it all over again? Without a doubt! Everytime I look at his perfect little face I forget about any pain and discomfort I felt.

39.Tag five: I tag whoever wants to do this who has had a baby.

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