Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where do the baby days go?

There is nothing like having a child to make you realize that everyday is a gift that should be treasured. Today Hudson rolled over for the first time and it reiterated to me how fast time flies. I still think of his as this little, helpless newborn, but with each passing day he is gaining his independence; learning, growing, and developing into this wonderful little boy! Oh, yeah, he also graduated from his bassinet to his crib this week!!


Emily said...

aww lil hudson i think he is ADORABLE CHER AND NAY NAY!

Chad&Brittany said...

Oh he is such a little angel. I want to see him. It's been far to long!!

Jason and Tawni said...

Look at that grown up boy! He looks so tiny in his crib. How are you managing without him in the same room as you? We need to get together soon, it's been way too long!