Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up and Running!

I am trying my hand at being creative, and entreprenurial. I have started beading interchangeable watchbands and binky chains. I have been working on the new blog all day, and it is finally complete enough to share.


Visit, enjoy, tell all of your friends!


Randolph-Seng`s said...

These are super cute! I will pass it on for ya..Hope everything is going well. If the apartments dont work for you, you should look at forclosures i bet there are a lot right now.

Emily said...

wow girl i love your designs! SO CUTE!

Nat said...


This is Natalie Erickson. I found your blog and wanted to say hi. Hudson is absolutely adorable! Jeff and I just had a little boy about 4 months ago. It is so fun to see you as a mom! I hope all is well!