Monday, February 9, 2009

Hudson is 6 Months Old!!!

He was so into Baby Einstein he wouldn't even look at me!

Yesterday was Hudson's 6-month birthday, and we went to his well-baby check today and he is doing great! He now weighs 17 lbs. 12 oz. and is 26 inches tall. He had a major growth spurt since his 4 month check-up going from the 37% to the 55% in weight, and from the 20% to the 34% in height. Nate couldn't go to the appointment with us, so my mom came down to be moral support (I think more for me than for Hudson).
Some of his favorite things are:
giving kisses, mostly to Mommy, but he will occassionally give them to others
sitting up to play with is toys
puppies, Sadie is his very favorite of course but he likes other small puppies too
pulling hair
Baby Einstein videos, especially the Numbers Nursery and On the Go videos
sitting up in his bathtub and making HUGE splashes with his hands
playing with the Tylenol and Mylicon bottles
hanging upside down
being thrown up in the air
watching Sadie and Daddy playing
grabbing anything and everything he can get his chubby little fingers around and putting
whatever it is straight into his mouth
when he wants Mommy's attention he says "mamamamamama" in this little whiney voice
His favorite types of baby food are bananas, pears, butternut squash, prunes, and peaches.
His not so favorite baby foods are sweet potatoes, chicken, turkey, green beans, and carrots.
In his short little life Hudson has already become a movie buff. Here are the movies he's been to so far.

Hudson you are such a good baby. It is so exciting to watch you grow and learn new things everyday. You are the light of our lives. You have taught Mommy all about unconditional love, selflessness, and sacrifice. If you weren't so cute you wouldn't get away with keeping us up all night. My heart melts everytime you look at me with those big, beautiful, blue eyes, and everytime you give me that sweet smile I know what joy is. I treasure every minute we are together, and I look forward to each new day to see what you will come up with! You are funny, sweet, and good-natured. You are very strong-willed and brave. I can already see that you have inherited your Daddy's thrill-seeking spirit, it doesn't seem like you are scared of anything, which terrifies Mommy! We love you Little Man!


Adam and Kami said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! Can you believe our little boys are getting so old? Okay, here is my situation .. my phone is dead and I didn't bring my charger to Fillmore with me. I don't know if you read my blog but I have been sicker than a dog, so I came to Fillmore for my mom to help me. While I've been trying to get better Jax has gotten so sick! We took him into the ER last night cause he had a temperature of 104 degrees. There was not much they could do for us, cause he is still a baby and all the medicine for the influenza has to be given to kids over one. Anyway, I'm not ready to leave until I know he is better, so I'm going to have to miss our roomie dinner. I feel horrible, and if he wasn't so sick I would come. I literally have done nothing but hold him for the past 48 hours, and when I put him down he screams. Will you respond on my blog so I know you got my message. Love ya!

Nichole said...

Yes, still alive and kicking! Well, kind of...anyway, I am always here in Cedar City so please call me!!! Trev and I would love you see you, and your darling little boy! Happy Birthday Hudson!

Cher said...

Cher, i'm not sure your blog will tell you who this is from since i don't have one (a blog that is) Anyway this is from your Mom. I just wanted to tell you what a great Mom you are! I think back six months ago, you were so excited, but mostly frightened to have a baby of your own to take care of, because you hadn't had much experience around kids. I don't know of anyone that is a better Mommy!!! I just wanted you to know that. Love ya lots!

Emily said...

Hudson is the cutest! that is so fun to learn about his check up and the foods he likes aand dislikes!

Anonymous said...

Hudson is so cute! I cant believe that he is already 6 months, they grow so fast. What pediatrician to you take him to?

Cher said...

He goes to Dr. Hubbard at St. George Clinic. He's such a nice guy. I'm so thankful because the pediatrician we took Hudson to in California was a weirdo!