Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleep Update

Hudson was only awake for 1 hour last night. I'm hoping I can proudly report a full night's sleep tomorrow!!


Janice said...

Yeah Hudson! I'm so glad he's sleeping better! I'm SOOOOOO SORRY about last night! I saw you at the game but then Cole and Monty were so ready to get out of there and home that I completely forgot! I feel aweful! Please forgive me! I'm so sorry that I made you bring all your stuff and then I forgot to find you after the game. I swear with each pregnancy I lose a portion of my brain, I'm so forgetful! I'm so sorry cher! I promise I'm going to buy some bands from you, there are way too cute to pass up!

Wayne & Amy MacIntosh said...

I am glad to hear that. I really just got up with my kids whenever they needed me and when they turned 1 they just slept through the night on their own. I just couldn't lay their and listen to them cry for hours. I figure a few min. putting them back to sleep is easier. I have 3 kids and work full time and lived through it. Think of how much sleep we went without at SUU and we were fine, well kinda!