Monday, April 20, 2009

4 Teeth

Here is the first picture of Hudson's teeth. We were hanging out with my friend Michaela yesterday and she took this with her phone. You can't see the 4th tooth, since it's just a tiny little one, it just broke through Saturday. Notice the giant gap between his 2 front teeth? Yeah, no idea where that comes from, Nate and I both had crowded teeth. We have been pretty busy lately. Hudson and I spent 3 days at my mom's while I did a watch party hosted by Janice. It was my first one, and I felt like it was a good success. Not too many people were able to make it, but we are planning on another one sometime in May.

This past weekend Nate, Hudson and I went to Salt Lake to visit with Sean and Michaela. They were our friends in Oceanside, and they just moved to Utah. Nate and Sean spent the entire weekend on their skateboards, while Michaela and I dragged Hudson to lots of stores, and made flower hair clips.

We all went to Park City on Friday, the boys went to a couple of skateparks but dropped Michaela, Hudson, and I off at the outlets. I love all the fun stores they have and I was so excited to do some non-st. george shopping. We had been there for about an hour when the power went out. Every store shut down and we weren't able to keep shopping. It was a total disappointment since we hadn't even made it to half of the stores we wanted to. It was almost another hour before Sean and Nate came to pick us up, and still the power was out. Guess I'll just have to go up again!

I feel like I have lived the last 2 weeks on the road, and again this week I'm heading up to my mom's to deliver some watches. Then she and I are planning a girl's day to Vegas on Saturday. Poor Hudson is probably sick to death of his car seat and sleeping in his pack-n-play. He's such a good baby though. He never gets really upset about all the traveling. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will stay that way!!


lauren said...

i love that smile!!

Lori said...

Ha ha Cher, that picture is adorable, he has his Auntie's gap!!
Still the cutest little boy around!
I Love You and I miss you!
I have bibs, still, his Easter surprise and lots of your movies & games from when Cam was in labor...
Call Me when your close by, as I cannot drive still:(
Love Auntie!

Janice said...

that's a great picture! sorry the party turned out to be kind of a pooper. next time will be better! I have already been spreading the word of the boutique. so hopefully we can get tons of people there. I actually have had a volunteer to let us use ruby's! If it gets that big. Hey did you end up leaving the watches on my front porch? if you did, i think they blew away! :o) I'm really hoping you didn't have time to finish them and that you still have them. I loved them! If not, all wells. thanks so much for making me that other one too. you did such a good job. I just keep looking at it! I love it! I've actually had tons of people say that they still want to order since they didn't get to come to the party. does that still count as part of my party? just checking. thanks & see you next time you come!

The Prettymans said...

Hi Cher-he looks so cute with tiny little teeth! My babe still doesn't have a single one and she's almost 8 months! Crazy how they are all so different. I saw your post below about using your blog as a journal and hoping it is around in the future...well, I haven't done it but I've heard there are companies that will print your blog into a book. I wish I could tell you one specifically, but I bet if you asked around (or looked online) you could find one. Just a thought so you can have it forever!

Jason and Tawni said...

I loved seeing the teeth in person on Wednesday. Hudson is so sweet, can't wait until our next swim day next week!