Sunday, May 3, 2009

What the Houston's have been up to in the last month!

I've been a pretty bad blogger lately so I thought I would give you a quick run-down of what we'be been up to.Celebrating Easter with my family in St. George on Saturday, FREEZING to death!Spending Easter with Nate's family on Sunday in Beaver Dam, I got a little sunburned.Learning how to brush his 4 teethFiguring out that if he stands up in his crib to cry he gets more response from Daddy Being preciousGoing to the Jazz game with my parents, and Ross. (Nate calls this his "bulldog" face. When he does this he breathes in and out of his nose really fast.)Enjoying Korver's athleticism... Ok that is probably just what I've been up to!More fun at the Jazz game. Check out the earplugs... Loving swim days at Stella's grandma's house, but not loving the grass at all
And finally celebrating Grandma Ivie's birthday with cupcakes from 25 Main!

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beck said...

he is so handsome! I just wanna squeeze him! I should have come to larsen's and said hi last night . . . i was being a bum :)