Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Family Photos...And a quick update

I suck at blogging, it's true. I feel bad because I documented all of Hudson's milestones and poor miss Zoe has not been given the same blog time.

Let me see if I can update you on her a little.
She just turned 8 months old and I cannot believe how fast it has gone by.
She still just has 2 teeth on bottom, but the last week or so she has become a big time screamer while the top middle teeth try to make their way in.
She started crawling at 7 1/2 months, after weeks and weeks of scooting. She is already a pro, pulling herself up and taking tiny steps along the furniture.
She points at everything, especially the tv when there is a show on that she likes...Unfortunately for me that is Yo Gabba Gabba most of the time.
She claps when we say YAY!
She is a munch mouth, and ate so much on Thanksgiving she had a tummy ache the whole way home. She'll eat anything, but is picky about her formula. During the Similac recall we switched to Enfamil and she wouldn't drink it.
She absolutely loves her brother, and follows him everywhere. They love to crawl under the kitchen table and play.
She says baba, dada, papa, and mama. I swear I've heard her say hi, and bath also but I may be hearing things.
She's very much a girl in the sense that she loves attention and she will make sure she gets it!

We had family pictures taken the first part of November and I'm so happy with how they turned out. If I ever get the opportunity I plan on taking some workshops from Kellie, she is fabulous! I have posted all of them on my Facebook page, but I'll post a few of my favorites here as well.


lauren said...

those are the cutest pictures!!! i love the kids in their owl hats! good to see you guys for thanksgiving your family is adorable!

The Terry's said...

cute pictures!!! don't worry about the milestones, im still working on getting gunner's down. and your blog is cute!

Anonymous said...

Your family is so cute ! Congratulations♥

beck said...

I love the pictures!!! and HELLO!!! you look so hot! So I am finally graduated so we need to hang out again!

Twinpossible said...

Those are seriously, some of the most gorgeous photos, I have ever seen! Such beautiful children. I love how you dall them up:) PRECIOUS!

My twin girls just said goodbye to infancy...*tear*. On to toddlerhood, I just cannot believe it!

I am awarding you the stylish blogger award. I hope you will accept it. Click on me and go to my blog. It's all in my post for today.



myrtle said...

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