Monday, January 17, 2011

Zoe is 9 months (and 3 weeks...)

I am a little late with this post..surprise, surprise...Better late than never I suppose.

Zoe turned 9 months on the 27th of December, and with every day we are learning and experiencing more of who she is. She is such a delightful baby. Things started out rough, and she was so colicky (sp??), but those days seem like a lifetime ago. Here are some thing I want to remember about her at this age:

She almost never cries..ever. Even when she is dead tired she stays pleasant. When it comes to food however she is DRAMA! The girl loves to eat, and she isn't interested in baby food whatsoever. She wants what we are eating, and if she doesn't get it she screams bloody murder... If only she had a few more teeth so I would feel a little less apprehensive about giving her "real" food.

She is crawling like a champ, pulling herself up, and walking along the furniture. She doesn't dare let go, or move from one piece of furniture to another yet, and is not interested in walking while we hold her hands, which makes me think it may be a while until she starts walking, and that is fine with me.

She is a snuggler, and I love it. She loves to be held and lay her head on my shoulder. She will stop in the middle of playing, crawl over to me, and want to cuddle for a few minutes then go back to playing. LOVE IT!!

She is babbling a lot. Mama, Dada, nana (which she generally says after being told no no), bah bah, bana (which I think means banana)

She is still a great sleeper. She naps for an hour in the morning, around 10. Then in the afternoon for at least 2 hours, around 2. She generally goes to bed at 8:30 or 9 and sleeps for 12-13 hours.

She growls. It's funny. Very funny.

Her favorite place to play is under the kitchen table.

She likes remotes, cell phones, and pulling the pots and lids out of the cupboard more than she likes playing with toys.

If I (or anyone else) am wearing jewelry, glasses, or a hat she wants them.

She still has very little hair.

She's tough. She has to be. Hudson is very rough with her. This picture is evidence of that. He pushed her down and her head smacked right on the corner of our tv stand. It instantly swelled and bruised, and she barely cried about it.
Here are here stats. She is 29" tall, which is the 83%, and she weighs 18 lbs 5 oz., which is the 34%. Her big growth spurt was between 3 and 6 months, it seems like she's leveling out a little, but not enough to fit into these pants...Hahaha I had to post these. She is clearly not pleased about the shortness of her pants! (sidenote: these are 6-9 months from Children's Place)

Giving her baby Belle kisses.
Happy 9 months Zoe! We love you tons and tons! Your happy smiles brightens the day. I love how you wake up so happy. I love that your whole body shows your excitement for life. You are a joy to be around, and I hope you will always be as happy as you are right now, and that your happiness will get you through whatever life throws your way. You are a special little girl!

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She growls. It's funny. Very funny.

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