Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy 4-month Birthday to Hudson!!

Yesterday was Hudson's 4 month birthday. Hudson and I celebrated by going to Vegas with my mom and Grandma for a little "girls-only plus Hudson" shopping day. He is such a good little shopper, he flirted with all the saleswomen, slept off and on, and played with his toys the rest of the time. He also got to sit on Santa's lap and have his picture taken. (Of course just like everything else our scanner is in storage so I won't be able to share the adorable photo) We haven't gone to his 4-month check-up yet so I don't have current measurements so I'll have to post those later, but I do want to share some little tidbits about our little prince.

He loves...
...The toys on his bouncy chair
...Eating his hands, his toys, his toes
...Attention from anyone, but especially his mommy
...His turtle mobile above his crib
...Being thrown up in the air
...Watching TV
...Anything that lights up
...His stuffed monkey

We love you so much Hudson. You are the most wonderful little person. Everything is so much better now that you are here. Everyone you meet can already see your sweet spirit, and you bring so much love to all those lives you touch. Even though it makes me sad how quickly you are growing, I can't wait for each new day to start so that I can watch you as you discover new things. I love you more and more with every passing moment. You are the best gift ever!


Chad&Brittany said...

OH HAPPY 4 MONTH BIRTHDAY HUDSON! HE IS SUCH A LITTLE ANGEL AND I LOVE HIM. Miss your face Cher! It's been too long since I've seen you.

Wayne & Amy MacIntosh said...

Little boys just get their mom's wrapped around their finger and you are there for life!! Maddux looked at his hands today then put them in fists looked up at me and punched me right in the chin but he ended it with a big hug so I was totally over it.I swear they can't do anything wrong.

lauren said...

they grow up way to fast, but its so fun to see how their little minds work!

Emily said...

aww happy 4 month birthday hudson! he is SUCCHA CUTE BABY BOY! i love him!

Mitch and Linda said...

I can't believe that he is 4 months old! It seems like I was just finding out that you had him! How time flies!! He is definitly adorable! Hope things are going welL!