Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy 9 Months Hudson!!

One more month has come and gone and I am still not understanding where the time goes. I swear I just had this little boy and now he is feeding himself, helping with the dishes, and trying to MacGuyver his way out of a baby gate. We don't go for his check up until next Thursday so I will be doing my regular birthday updating then, but for today I wanted to share a few pictures of our last day as an 8 month old.

First we woke up and had some breakfast... I made him some scrambled eggs to see what he would do, and he wasn't real sure about them so Grammy (Judy) decided to give him some Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal, but he wouldn't let her feed it to him so she let him feed himself. This took about 45 minutes to clean up, and his hands still smell like Maple Brown Sugar even after a bath and a full day of playing. I don't think he'll be getting oatmeal again anytime soon!!

This kid can crawl! I put him down in the family room and ran to go potty, 30 or so seconds later I come out to find him 6 steps up the stairs, so I immediately put up the baby gate and watched as he tried to figure out how he could get around it...I LOVE this picture, he looks like a little prisoner who doesn't know why he's locked up!

Can I go over it??? Nope it's too tall. DANG!

What's this bar thing? I know this is the key to my freedom!! If I could only figure out the puzzle...

Maybe if I sit down I can go under it or around it. Somebody PLEASE let me out!

That's it I'm done.

I can only hope that as he gets bigger he wants to be as much of a helper! I was putting some dishes in the dishwasher and he crawled over to help me out.

Happy birthday buddy!!


Braden and Jodee said...

Cute pictures! Don't you just love to think about what they're thinking? It is so fun. Happy 9 Months!

lauren said...

i love him!!! and all those pictures, maddie still hasnt quite figured out how to crawl but she rolls everywhere! i need to buy a gate very soon!

Katidid said...

I was view this post with my little Nicole on my lap, when we got to the pictures of Hudson behind the gate, Nicole said, "oh no he's in a cage, How do we we rescue him from the cage?"
She loves to look at the blogs with kids. You're little boy is adorable. Thanks for sharing and entertaining us today!